Q: What is red flower studios?

A: Red Flower Studios is Park Cities only Blown Glass Studio.   We specialize in bringing public into our Hot Shop and allowing them to work with hot glass.  We offer several items that public can make with our Glass Blowers assistance.   See About page for more detailed information. 

Q: Is experience required to Book a Blow your own?

A: No experience is needed at all for you to Book an appointment and come into the Hot Shop and work with our Glass Blowers to make hot glass item of your choosing. 

Q: Does Red Flower Studios except custom orders or projects?

A: Yes!  Besides the product that are for sell in our Gallery, we do a lot of custom orders and large scale projects. Specializing in Blown Glass, we also work with several mediums to accommodate and bring your ideas to fruition.  

Q: Can you bring the hot shop to my house or place of work or my kids school?

A: Yes!  Traveling is a massive passion for Red Flower Studios.  Our Hot Shop can go mobile and come to you!  We can come to your House, Place of Work, Schools, Middle of a Field, pretty much anywhere there is a good enough road for a trailer to pull our hot shop to where you want us to go.  Please email at info@RedFlowerStudios.com to ask about this service and setup a meeting about your needs.

q:  Are field trips to the studio available?

A:  Yes!  We can have up to 49 people at a time in our studio for field trips.  We offer several packages for this, kids can come in and see demos and learn about the hot glass process, it is also possible for each kid ( and chaperone ) to do a blow your own.  Another option is we can come to the school as well.  Please email info@RedFlowerStudios.com for more detailed information.