Red Flower Studios is a place to come let your inner creative run wild with color, shape, and fire.  “Create Your Owns” are your gateway to enter the hot shop and work hands-on with hot glass.  Once you have chosen the item (or items) you’ll be making, you will then work with our experienced staff to chose the color that you will apply to the hot glass.  Release your idea of perfection - embrace the moment and the uniqueness of your truly one of a kind piece of handmade glass. 

Stare into the fire, melt in your color and shape your one of a kind piece with your own breath and hands.



      "Create your owns"


"Create your owns" are a great way to get hands-on, personal experience blowing glass. You will work with our expert staff to choose the item or items you would like to make. Next you will dive deep into the wonderful rabbit hole of color selection And,  From there, enter the hot shop where you will work directly with our glass artist. When you come create your own, we will help you bring your

ideas to a beautiful and unique reality.


date nights

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 1.12.24 PM.png

Date nights run similarly to create your own sessions. These are great for couples, small groups, or families. You and your date or small group will work together on each item you create.

  • 30 minute Date nights = up to 2 items

  • 1 hour Date nights =  up to 4 items

** Appetizers and meals may also be provided with advance notice. you are also welcome to bring your own